Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bee Happy

Get Happy Challenge Day 9

Gosh I hadn't realized we already hit a week! WoW!!

So yesterday I really meant to blog but a killer migraine debilitated me and I was in bed the second I got in the door. Ugh! I was thinking though, but now I've already forgot what I was thinking. That's the trouble with blogging at night.

I've been soooooo tired. I'm trying all these tips and I'm not sure if I am not trying hard enough or not focusing enough but I am still so freaking tired.

Oh yeah, I was thinking about Beeswax candles.
Beeswax Candle How-To
photo and great how to/homemade: a beautiful mess

So we sell real 100% natural beeswax candles at TreeHouse. When we first got them I was like "huh, who wants dumb old non-scented candles". All the girls there thought I was crazy and I thought the same right back at them. Hey I'm used to very smelly, yummy candles from Back Home Furniture. So as I was working on our Pinterest page I stumbled across the website we buy our candles from and did a little reading.

"What's so great about beeswax? It's an all natural substance made by bees in contrast to paraffin, a chemical byproduct of the oil industry. Beeswax candles burn with the spectrum of the sun emitting a brighter, longer burning flame. It is a well established fact that while burning, beeswax candles naturally emit negative ions which clean the air and invigorate the body."

So what are negative ions, I though...
"Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy." click here for more

I also found a great new blog in my search...
"Negative ions help relieve stress, increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and so much more. That’s why we all feel so incredibly good after being at a waterfall, in the mountains or at the beach. The human body is meant to be absorbing negative ions on a regular basis, so it’s no wonder why there are so many health problems related to fatigue, depression and immune disorders. It’s no wonder why so many people find it incredibly hard to let their true nature shine. Most people aren’t exposed to nearly enough negative ions." click to read more

So I've been burning my beeswax candle at night while I'm winding down and in the morning while I'm getting ready. Hey I'll try anything at this point.

Omg! Super cute must haves...
Beeswax Candle- Owl shaped
Beeswax Candle BIG Buddha Head Sadhana Meditation Contemplation Altar Candle

Oooh funny moment of the day: A designer friend of mine brought a client in the store to show her around. She was really digging these popsicle trays. She wanted to buy them as a gift for her sister-in-law. I told her "you know you can only put organic ingredients in those". She said "what? she doesn't even recycle", then she realized I was totally teasing her. LOL But what does that have to do with recycling :)


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