Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The first day of the rest of my life...

Day 1

Today marks the end of one chapter in my life and the beginning of my next. I have to say it doesn't feel too different but I realize I am at a crossroads. It is up to me and me alone, which way I will go.
It didn't start so well. I have been sick for a few days so I woke up feeling pretty crummy. I should have gone to the gym but I allowed myself another sick day. LAZY! I bummed around all morning. Feeling a little indifferent about this change had me thinking and again feeling pretty crummy except this time mentally.
But then I decided, it's time to get up, clean this apartment, take a shower and get going. I've got changes to make.
I sent a message that cut a cord that made me feel weak and dependent. Something I have known for a long time I needed to let go of.
Then I made a list of goals I'd like to reach in the next year. Number one, on that list, I will own my own home. A place that's all mine, well and the Kiddo's.
I called my friend, one of my best friends, who I haven't talked to in way too long. We caught up for a bit then decided to have dinner and caught up more. I so missed my friend. A friend that has always been there for me, always looked out for me and always been honest with me.
Then I came home, put the Kiddo to bed and started blogging. I really love to blog and hold myself accountable for when I don't. I know I keep saying this but I need to make a conscious effort to do it more often. It makes me feel good.

And that marks a pretty good ending to this pivotal day, that really felt like just another day.

Step one... I let go of something holding me back.
Step two... I set some goals, to move me forward.
Step three... I got my friend back, that I'm really going to need.
Step four... I blogged, to make me feel good.
So what will be my next step. Let's see how many days it takes me to report back.

"The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."
Elbert Hubbard