Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goal #1... Feel beautiful!

I did something this year that I can't believe I have never done. I did portraits with my daughter. We got all girlie-fied in our evening dresses, hopped in the car and headed to the mall.

First, We had to see Santa and what a fabulous Santa he was. I was really impressed! And my daughter, what a natural as you will continue to see in the following photos.

So, I felt kinda silly so dressed up at the mall but I am sure everyone knew why we where there. Next on to the portrait studio. At first my daughter actually acted shy... HAHA, my kid shy... that's seems crazy! But she got into it real quick.

My Fav!

So when all is said and done... we get all our pictures done and I get to select my fav 5 from about 24. I realized that I hadn't felt that beautiful in a long time. Now standing next to the most beautiful girl in the world did help!


I must admit, I have a pretty amazing man behind me, telling me I am beautiful everyday. Sometimes it is just so hard to believe, but I am thankful he continues to try!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Re-motivated...but HOW?

Geez, it's been how long since I posted...

I don't even really want to think about it. Life just passes us by and it's about time I sat back down and got mine in order. Blogging is something I started this year with real enthusiasm. Then like a lot of things in my life I wrote a few posts then got distracted with other things.

It's been a crazy year. A lot of learning has happened, well because a lot of not so good things have happened. I can only remind myself that it is not just me, everybody has their problems. Right? So I need to get back up, get RE-Motivated. So, HOW?

Taking suggestions, please!

I have considered going back to school, but for what? I want to do everything so hard to narrow it down. And do I really want more school loans to pay back? Yuk!

I have considered joining a gym, doing some kick-boxing... but when do you find the time.

I have taken up bowling... that's filled in some holes, but it's not really gonna take me anywhere. Doubt I will be the next Clara Guerrero, GO! Clara :) (my bowling coach, hehe)

Thought about a life coach, but what is that really... probably a bunch of con-artists. oops! no offense to all the life coaches out there

Wiki says: "Motivation is the driving force which causes us to achieve goals."

So maybe first I need to set a few goals.... hum! Gonna have to think on that.