Monday, December 5, 2011

The trends in Tacky X-mas Sweaters

The Bobby Bones Show hosts a tacky X-mas sweater party and I have always wanted to go. So I did a little digging to find out how tacky do tacky sweaters get. 

Here are the scariest:

Are these people for real?!
Please don't let her leave the house! 

OMG! What else can I say?
I gotta say I like his humor... he is being funny right?!

What's the deal with the Obama sweaters? I don't get it.

You can actually buy your own ugly x-mas sweaters at

Wow! Drape yourself in TACK!
In-case offensive is your choice in TACK!

Just glue a bunch of junk from your sweater. The more flash the better.
This sweater looks like Santa hung himself.

A tribute to my favorite tacky Christmas movie.
Hanging ornaments, huh?

I thought my grandmother's doll room was creepy, but this sweater... AAAAH!

This guy collects them. 

Look at me, I'm the King of TACK!

I bet he also bakes these cookies...
makes these adorable ornaments for all his co-workers...
and has this "so-ugly, he's cute in his sweater" dog!

Did they make their own sweaters? Good sports!

Now this guy looks fun! I wanna party with him!

These two obviously can pull it off. Don't you hate them, the ones that can look good in anything! LOL

Awe these girls are cute!

This is my tacky sweater of choice. I might just buy it.

Okay the finale....

It' s legen.... wait for it.....


She wins!
Tackiest X-mas Sweater EVER!
Maybe just a different type of tacky. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The first day of the rest of my life...

Day 1

Today marks the end of one chapter in my life and the beginning of my next. I have to say it doesn't feel too different but I realize I am at a crossroads. It is up to me and me alone, which way I will go.
It didn't start so well. I have been sick for a few days so I woke up feeling pretty crummy. I should have gone to the gym but I allowed myself another sick day. LAZY! I bummed around all morning. Feeling a little indifferent about this change had me thinking and again feeling pretty crummy except this time mentally.
But then I decided, it's time to get up, clean this apartment, take a shower and get going. I've got changes to make.
I sent a message that cut a cord that made me feel weak and dependent. Something I have known for a long time I needed to let go of.
Then I made a list of goals I'd like to reach in the next year. Number one, on that list, I will own my own home. A place that's all mine, well and the Kiddo's.
I called my friend, one of my best friends, who I haven't talked to in way too long. We caught up for a bit then decided to have dinner and caught up more. I so missed my friend. A friend that has always been there for me, always looked out for me and always been honest with me.
Then I came home, put the Kiddo to bed and started blogging. I really love to blog and hold myself accountable for when I don't. I know I keep saying this but I need to make a conscious effort to do it more often. It makes me feel good.

And that marks a pretty good ending to this pivotal day, that really felt like just another day.

Step one... I let go of something holding me back.
Step two... I set some goals, to move me forward.
Step three... I got my friend back, that I'm really going to need.
Step four... I blogged, to make me feel good.
So what will be my next step. Let's see how many days it takes me to report back.

"The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."
Elbert Hubbard

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm official....

I had a great meeting with a client this morning and then some dangerous free time. 
I was feeling so good.
I was way, way, let me tell you way, up north, by IKEA. Oooh IKEA!! 
I always love to stop in and check out the as-is area for great deals. Nothing, boo! 
So I just wandered the store a while looking for ideas.
And then I saw this desk... $20.. hmm, Ok! Logged. 

Keep looking... see the desk again.. hmm that's really cheap.. and I have been really wanting a little desk, so I can actually work somewhere other than the bed. 
Thinking, thinking...

And I actually walk out, get in my car and drive out of the parking lot, to drive right back in.
 I have got to get this desk. It's nothing special, but it meets my needs, cheap and small! 
And I hadn't yet treated myself to a birthday present.

So I go back in grab the top and .... score! they have a set of the legs in the as-is dept. 
Yay!! Deal! 

So I had $20 in my pocket and ended up only spending $15. Yay! Yay! 

So now I am sitting at my tiny writing desk, feeling very official. 
Listening to my Glee Channel on Pandora (I know cheesy right) and writing :)
I have to admit for a designer, it is not pretty, and kinda wobbly. Probably because I put it together with random screws I found in my tool box, gotta love as-is missing hardware...but I love it anyways! 
I've got my design books out, which are really just decor at this point. I have my favorite bowl to catch all the catch-alls. My fav Buddha head, it wouldn't be mine without one. Oooh I am missing an elephant, soon to be added. A lamp I love but until now couldn't find a home for it. And a magazine rack much needed. Sure I can rig up something. And since my desk is facing a window, so I can stare out at the parking lot.. Lol!, I am thinking I may hang a memo board from my curtain rod.. well a project for another day.

I dream of sitting here writing blogs, working on my designs and client invoices, catching up on emails and maybe just sitting here staring out the window (at the parking lot, of course), 
twirling my hair as I always find myself doing.
Love it ! Love it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No motivation to write... feeling bad... forgive me

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past 
- but you sure do change the future."
-Bernard Meltzer 

Gosh, I can think of several relationships I could use this advice for. 
Friends. Co-workers. Family.
I bet we could all take time each day to forgive one person for something in the past. Just let it go! Now you have one less stress, one less worry. It feels a lot better to like people, and remember we all have our baggage and just plain rotten days. 
I think I am going to try that for starts. But...

The hard part is to ask for forgiveness. I think we can all admit to having done some crazy, impulsive and incredibly stupid things in our pasts. Yes I have! But when I realize what a total *** I was, I feel terrible. All I can do is pick myself up and say, "Lesson learned. Don't do that again!" And hope with all my might, that whoever involved will forgive me, and I will get a second chance to redeem my sanity.

So I am asking you now, please forgive me!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Soundtrack

So I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend of a friend in the music industry. He was talking about how music effects every part of our lives. There are songs you will remember for the rest of your life. Not because they hit top 40's and you heard them enough times to hate them, but because of some life experience you had at the very moment the song played, or a song that really explained how you felt at some point in your life, your parent's favorite song, a first date song, your chosen wedding march, high school graduation song, the song you thought should have been your high school graduation song, a song someone sang to you, a song someone used to describe you, the song that let you know your not the only one.
And maybe not everybody sees it that way, but I agreed. We called it the soundtrack to your life.
Then I remembered being asked at some point in elementary to pick a song that described my life. As I look back, what an odd thing to be asked at such a young age. But mine was Journey " Who's Crying Now". Now I am not sure I really want to share why I chose that and maybe a few more of the following songs, but those who are close to me probably know exactly what I am saying.

So here is my soundtrack:

my first concert, I was 6
I can't think of one song that reminds me more of my mom
(and much later in life my friend John)
for my dad, introducing me to vinyl records, he had the coolest collection
 I remember watching this movie at a slumber party
and trying desperately to fit in with the cool girls
2nd Concert, we wore boxers on our heads to get backstage, we did not get backstage
for Melissa, I remember us dancing to this at dance camp
 and probably many times in our rooms, lol
for Nick and my basketball days, when I tried to fit in with the boys,
Nick would always let me be on his team, even though I sucked
for Jessica, Patrick and Luca, and when I only dated boys in garage bands
my flannel wearing days
my first really bad break up
more break up music
for Angela, for helping me cope with said break up,
man, life was dramatic at 16
for Sarah and I driving around in my convertible in our bikinis
and screaming this song at the top of our lungs
my graduation song
most would have said this was supposed to be our grad song, I agree
for my brother, when we truly bonded, when he was no longer a little boy
and I was no longer too old to hang out with him
awe! my single early 20's, I was not near as independent as I thought, 
but if you asked most of my friends this song was written for me
the last two for Kristi and our dancing days, those that I remember, lol
Jack Johnson "Bubble Toes" 2001
for one of my best friends
Mary J. Blige "Take Me As I  Am" 2006
Jordin Sparks "I am Woman" 2011

Ok maybe I got a little carried away... and to be honest I am sure as soon as I post this I will think damn I forgot.......
I could go on and on
but that was fun!


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mornings... I hate them!

Doesn't help that I wake up a mess!

Hair standing up on my head, glasses, ugh I hate my glasses, I am hot and cold all at the same time, blankets twisted, sheets missing and pillows all over the place,(don't I sound like a lovely mate) and usually I initially have no idea what day it is, or what I am supposed to be getting ready for! 
Some people are just not meant for mornings.

The average, healthy, well-adjusted adult gets up at seven-thirty in the morning feeling just plain terrible. 
 ~Jean Kerr, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, 1957

This morning I did wake up at about 7:30, on my day off! Ugh! Why do I have to have this stupid internal clock bothering me on my day off? I was so not ready to start my day, but despite my attempts I was not going back to sleep, and I did feel terrible. Kiddo was still asleep (lucky), for which I was thinking thank god. I was so not ready for "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!" So I am laying here thinking, why can't I sleep, what should I do. I was really wishing I could sneak out and go to the workout room, but she is still too young for me to get away with that. Oh it would have been nice though. I have missed my workout everyday this week for some reason or another and I am feeling it. Last week I got to go 4 times and was feeling great, but this week has just been a drain on me. Then I was thinking I have a headache, yay!, already. I am really hungry.. did I eat dinner last night..oops! I see a few new catalogs. I grab them to flip through... for design ideas really, because I won't be buying myself anything for one long while. Okay bored, shopping with no money is no fun.
So I decide to catch up on my emails, work on my website a bit, and well blog. Here I am 2 1/2 hours later still sitting in bed with my computer (my companion). Oh computer what would I do without you.
And I still have not eaten.... kitchen here I come!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces of My Home... still a work in progress!

I haven't blogged in a while. Going against my many steps to a better life, so here goes:
I haven't been all that happy with my new apartment. It's really small. I have really let it get me down. I miss my pets. They don't fit. This place is small... very small. I share it with an "oh so messy" five year old. It's very small. I have too much stuff. My stuff doesn't fit. It's very small. I still have boxes... five months later. I just have no idea where else to stash the stuff. I have already space bagged all I can. There is no storage in this place. UGH! It's very small!!!!
But I have finally settled with the fact that I am going to be here a while, so I better figure out how to make the most of it! So here is an inside look at My (and Kiddo's) Home. So I live in the tiniest of apartments (did I mention it's very small) and had to get rid of so much just to fit in this space.  tiny, tiny, tiny   Here are the things that mean the most to me! These keepers all have a little story, reminding me of some other time in my life.
 I have collected a few spiritual icons, which is maybe weird since I am really not all that spiritual. I try to learn about their meanings and pick the ones that mean something for me. I think I found that one in a gross repo'd trailer (storage) at one of the many trailer lots I used to decorate for. I am pretty sure it was laying on the floor, under a bunch of other rejected decor. I dusted it off and put it in my suitcase. Finders Keepers. There is actually a woven grass fan back there... given to Kiddo at a birthday party, where my ultra creative friend decorated one for each kid. It was summer. It was hot! What a neat idea. That black and white frame... same friend and I have matching ones :)
 So I collect elephants... can you tell? I couldn't even tell you which one was my first. But I have fallen in love with the various styles and designs. I also couldn't tell you much about the animal, besides I won't be adopting one anytime soon, they stink... oh yeah and not sure I could fit it in my very, very small apartment. Someone once told me, or somewhere I read, that if you face the elephant's trunks to the front door, it brings good luck or peace in your home. Geez, I should look that up again. So I try my best to stick with that rule, but design first. If it doesn't look good, it gets turned whichever way I want it. It's probably bad Feng Shui, but not something I really studied or cared much about. Maybe I should try. I could use some good vibes in this place.
 Ha, ha if you look close you will see those are pics of me at about four, 
dressed for my dance recital. I was cute, trust me! 
 The marigold art was my grandmother's, I was told was one of her favorites. I love the vintage look. The orange floral print... a paint ad, I cut it from a design magazine. The flowers are made from paint swatches. It takes me back to my days at Home Depot, mixing paint, I loved it and I just thought "fits a designer's home, and I need something to put in this frame"! Oh and my favorite color is orange, so I am sure that had something to do with it.

 This was Christmas 2010. Mine and Kiddo's first Christmas, just us.
 In the back there... a painting I actually did myself... and finished! Go me!
 More elephants!! And boxes... I have a thing for boxes, too.
 My favorite frame... in it a pic of me, my mom, and grandmother, when I moved into my first house. It wasn't the prettiest house in the Austin but it was cheap and HUGE! 
Awe, when rooms were huge :(
 Momma and me... at Little Bro's wedding. Man we look good! :P
It was a beautiful day and I am very proud of my Little Bro. He is very lucky he got the woman he did! Hope he can keep her.
 My grandparents. True Love! They knew how to make it work. They lived in a time when you just made it work. What happened to our society. In my generation, most of us are already divorced and all our parents were divorced, at least once. I wish my grandmother would have shared her secret with me. Unfortunately, I lost my grandmother (my best friend) a few years ago, but she is everywhere in my apartment. She had so much to teach me and I miss our long talks, while I sat in traffic. Now I call Mom, if she doesn't answer, then Little Bro, then Sis-in-Law, then, well then I just give up.
 Design books, of course!!! And these are just the ones I kept or have added recently. I am sure I will end up with a new collection soon enough.
 Kiddo's art :) Isn't she talented?!
 The only part of my kitchen I will share. 
Hey but there are no dishes in my sink! That's a miracle in this home.

 I love this batik stamp, I have a few more. I have found them at random garage sales, resale shops, etc. That tiny crown... One day this woman came in the store I work at and told me all about these dolls (saints) that, I think Catholics??, used to make dresses for, and then they put on these tiny crowns, which were usually made from real gold or silver and jeweled... this is a replica of course, not something I would typically buy, but I liked the story and that I had a bit of history behind it. Too bad I don't remember it so well. I guess another think I should look into.
 One of my stellar lamps that my boss gave to me because she thought they were ugly and would never sell. The art I got when I was decorating a model home in San Antonio... extra art,I am telling you, there was not a wall I could make it work on, freebie!
 I little for the Kiddo, brought from her old room at our big house.
 I totally did the bathroom for the Kiddo. I had to make it fun. The only way I could get her to bathe and brush her teeth. Still a little of a battle.
 Barbies... air drying, I just think it looks so funny! And everybody who goes in my bathroom comments on them.

The End! That's all I have completed for now, maybe more to come soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why am I always so tired?

"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out."
-Anton Chekhov

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A new inspiration...

Have you ever seen something selling well, that you thought, I could make that. Well today I had one of those moments. I have been playing around with different graphics programs since I was about 8. I fell in love with Photoshop the moment I had a chance. Now I am a pretty big fan of Gimp, because it's free! So here is what I made today:
I hope you like it. I am very excited about it and there will be more to come!