Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm official....

I had a great meeting with a client this morning and then some dangerous free time. 
I was feeling so good.
I was way, way, let me tell you way, up north, by IKEA. Oooh IKEA!! 
I always love to stop in and check out the as-is area for great deals. Nothing, boo! 
So I just wandered the store a while looking for ideas.
And then I saw this desk... $20.. hmm, Ok! Logged. 

Keep looking... see the desk again.. hmm that's really cheap.. and I have been really wanting a little desk, so I can actually work somewhere other than the bed. 
Thinking, thinking...

And I actually walk out, get in my car and drive out of the parking lot, to drive right back in.
 I have got to get this desk. It's nothing special, but it meets my needs, cheap and small! 
And I hadn't yet treated myself to a birthday present.

So I go back in grab the top and .... score! they have a set of the legs in the as-is dept. 
Yay!! Deal! 

So I had $20 in my pocket and ended up only spending $15. Yay! Yay! 

So now I am sitting at my tiny writing desk, feeling very official. 
Listening to my Glee Channel on Pandora (I know cheesy right) and writing :)
I have to admit for a designer, it is not pretty, and kinda wobbly. Probably because I put it together with random screws I found in my tool box, gotta love as-is missing hardware...but I love it anyways! 
I've got my design books out, which are really just decor at this point. I have my favorite bowl to catch all the catch-alls. My fav Buddha head, it wouldn't be mine without one. Oooh I am missing an elephant, soon to be added. A lamp I love but until now couldn't find a home for it. And a magazine rack much needed. Sure I can rig up something. And since my desk is facing a window, so I can stare out at the parking lot.. Lol!, I am thinking I may hang a memo board from my curtain rod.. well a project for another day.

I dream of sitting here writing blogs, working on my designs and client invoices, catching up on emails and maybe just sitting here staring out the window (at the parking lot, of course), 
twirling my hair as I always find myself doing.
Love it ! Love it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No motivation to write... feeling bad... forgive me

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past 
- but you sure do change the future."
-Bernard Meltzer 

Gosh, I can think of several relationships I could use this advice for. 
Friends. Co-workers. Family.
I bet we could all take time each day to forgive one person for something in the past. Just let it go! Now you have one less stress, one less worry. It feels a lot better to like people, and remember we all have our baggage and just plain rotten days. 
I think I am going to try that for starts. But...

The hard part is to ask for forgiveness. I think we can all admit to having done some crazy, impulsive and incredibly stupid things in our pasts. Yes I have! But when I realize what a total *** I was, I feel terrible. All I can do is pick myself up and say, "Lesson learned. Don't do that again!" And hope with all my might, that whoever involved will forgive me, and I will get a second chance to redeem my sanity.

So I am asking you now, please forgive me!