Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and the out-of-town family...

I have this bittersweet feeling every time I go home to see my family. I start out dreading the drive but really wanting to be there. To see my niece probably especially.
Wouldn't you miss this face?

I try to see whoever I can, my mom, my brother , my sis-in-law, oh yeah and that sweet (ok not so sweet, little mischievous) niece, usually make plans to see my bestie and her family. By chance maybe run into someone I know at the grocery store. Sometimes feeling like this is where I belong. I grew up here, these are my people. I like running into people I knew years ago. 

But then, I always get this feeling that I hate this town, I don't know why anyone stays here. I never fit in and no matter how many retail chain mall stores they add, this place is just not appealing to me. And then I get to come home to this beautiful town I'm in love with, Austin. I wish I could pick up all the people I love and have them here with me :)

"It's the rare man, who truly knows who he is?"