Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Aura is Orange!

Orange has been my favorite color ever since I took one of those "color personality tests" in high school. I don't even think I tested as "orange", but right then and there I decided I wanted to be ORANGE!, but not like the fake tan orange, which I am sure at some point in high school I made that mistake.

Okay okay I know this all sounds silly, you could say cheesy... haha, which is orange.

But really, I have collected all things orange ever since. I have somehow even convinced my daughter her second favorite color is orange, because of course, her first favorite color is pink.

I remember my first thing orange was a very simple purse I carried for years. One of my best friends Erin had a matching yellow one, you know back when it was cool to match your friends.

I case you want to take the test... click here

Amazing Orange Things I love: click pics for cool links