Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Soundtrack

So I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend of a friend in the music industry. He was talking about how music effects every part of our lives. There are songs you will remember for the rest of your life. Not because they hit top 40's and you heard them enough times to hate them, but because of some life experience you had at the very moment the song played, or a song that really explained how you felt at some point in your life, your parent's favorite song, a first date song, your chosen wedding march, high school graduation song, the song you thought should have been your high school graduation song, a song someone sang to you, a song someone used to describe you, the song that let you know your not the only one.
And maybe not everybody sees it that way, but I agreed. We called it the soundtrack to your life.
Then I remembered being asked at some point in elementary to pick a song that described my life. As I look back, what an odd thing to be asked at such a young age. But mine was Journey " Who's Crying Now". Now I am not sure I really want to share why I chose that and maybe a few more of the following songs, but those who are close to me probably know exactly what I am saying.

So here is my soundtrack:

my first concert, I was 6
I can't think of one song that reminds me more of my mom
(and much later in life my friend John)
for my dad, introducing me to vinyl records, he had the coolest collection
 I remember watching this movie at a slumber party
and trying desperately to fit in with the cool girls
2nd Concert, we wore boxers on our heads to get backstage, we did not get backstage
for Melissa, I remember us dancing to this at dance camp
 and probably many times in our rooms, lol
for Nick and my basketball days, when I tried to fit in with the boys,
Nick would always let me be on his team, even though I sucked
for Jessica, Patrick and Luca, and when I only dated boys in garage bands
my flannel wearing days
my first really bad break up
more break up music
for Angela, for helping me cope with said break up,
man, life was dramatic at 16
for Sarah and I driving around in my convertible in our bikinis
and screaming this song at the top of our lungs
my graduation song
most would have said this was supposed to be our grad song, I agree
for my brother, when we truly bonded, when he was no longer a little boy
and I was no longer too old to hang out with him
awe! my single early 20's, I was not near as independent as I thought, 
but if you asked most of my friends this song was written for me
the last two for Kristi and our dancing days, those that I remember, lol
Jack Johnson "Bubble Toes" 2001
for one of my best friends
Mary J. Blige "Take Me As I  Am" 2006
Jordin Sparks "I am Woman" 2011

Ok maybe I got a little carried away... and to be honest I am sure as soon as I post this I will think damn I forgot.......
I could go on and on
but that was fun!


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