Friday, August 19, 2011

Mornings... I hate them!

Doesn't help that I wake up a mess!

Hair standing up on my head, glasses, ugh I hate my glasses, I am hot and cold all at the same time, blankets twisted, sheets missing and pillows all over the place,(don't I sound like a lovely mate) and usually I initially have no idea what day it is, or what I am supposed to be getting ready for! 
Some people are just not meant for mornings.

The average, healthy, well-adjusted adult gets up at seven-thirty in the morning feeling just plain terrible. 
 ~Jean Kerr, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, 1957

This morning I did wake up at about 7:30, on my day off! Ugh! Why do I have to have this stupid internal clock bothering me on my day off? I was so not ready to start my day, but despite my attempts I was not going back to sleep, and I did feel terrible. Kiddo was still asleep (lucky), for which I was thinking thank god. I was so not ready for "Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!" So I am laying here thinking, why can't I sleep, what should I do. I was really wishing I could sneak out and go to the workout room, but she is still too young for me to get away with that. Oh it would have been nice though. I have missed my workout everyday this week for some reason or another and I am feeling it. Last week I got to go 4 times and was feeling great, but this week has just been a drain on me. Then I was thinking I have a headache, yay!, already. I am really hungry.. did I eat dinner last night..oops! I see a few new catalogs. I grab them to flip through... for design ideas really, because I won't be buying myself anything for one long while. Okay bored, shopping with no money is no fun.
So I decide to catch up on my emails, work on my website a bit, and well blog. Here I am 2 1/2 hours later still sitting in bed with my computer (my companion). Oh computer what would I do without you.
And I still have not eaten.... kitchen here I come!

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