Monday, October 1, 2012

Would anyone want to adopt one demon kitty?

Day 14 Get Happy Challenge.... Dang-IT!! Do I even keep counting after skipping so many days?

The answer is YES, I gotta keep going. And my blogging buddy better get on it too.
I had to force myself to run today and I think I wind-burned my lungs...wth? ("what the heck", bc "wtf" makes me feel trashy!) Hey but for the first time I made myself RUN, like the whole time. That's an improvement from my run/walk that I usually do.

So let's see if I can catch up on a few tips, goals, etc. I've been trying the last few days.

I tried to cut dairy... unsuccessfully. I don't know how to live without cheese. I'm just laying off the ice cream :( I sooo don't need it right now. Plus it's getting cold soon. That's an easy one.

I am still trying to run 3 times a week... I lost track but I don't think I made it last week. Boo! My lungs still hurt!! Ugh.

I couldn't go without coffee... I tried drinking tea but it just left me craving coffee in the afternoon. That left me feeling bad all around.

I picked up some extra hours at my other job... so that accomplished me getting a LITTLE more mula. Not a huge deal but a little feel goodi-ness!

I want to kill my kitty... oh ooops... off subject...

I've been burning my beeswax candle... not sure it's doing anything but will keep trying.

Which reminds me of a funny story. My friend and I were talking about seasonal depression and how light treatments are supposed to work. Light treatments come in various forms but the easiest to do on your own is buy this lightbox that looks similar to a lit makeup mirror. Well she's tried it. "It's this bright light you sit in front of, you can't look directly at, but you have to keep your eyes open. It was awful, I couldn't sit still" Does the vitamin D really sink into your eyes? I'm sure the ADD got her! I was like "Gosh when you feel depressed you will try anything, right? No matter how hokey it sounds" Then I told her "So I'm burning a beeswax candle every day because it releases negative ions and they are going to save me!" LOL Fingers crossed.

Okay new tip... get rid of unnecessary stress... does anyone want a FREE kitty?
bad kitty, but yes she is the rare female orange tabby, that I hunted and hunted for, she's a terrorist

On another note, I'm thinking of selling all of my stuff... stuff=stress...
and remodeling a tiny vintage travel trailer to live in. Crazy? Maybe. I've been researching tiny living for awhile now. Working in a green store makes you aware of so many things you may have never thought of before, like the amount of energy a big home wastes. Plus I just really want to own something and I need something dirt cheap so I can pay off my *%^$ing student loans, among other debt and save to buy my dream house which may just be a bigger house on wheels. I don't know, we will see how it goes.

A lot has gone on in my mind in the last few years. I've had to size down and size down again. I still have unpacked boxes in my closet from the last move and the truth is if I haven't seen it in several months, then I don't really need it. All this stuff is just stuff to clean up, which I usually don't have the time for. In the end it is all just stuff and I don't need useless stuff. I only use half my refrigerator so that's not going to be much of an adjustment. The kiddo is always right on top of me so that won't be a big change and she has too much crap. What kid really needs more than some construction paper and a set of crayons. And a few good stuffed animals.

So I have been on the hunt for the perfect vintage trailer. If you run across one please let me know. I'm dreaming of a 24' bunkhouse. I'm slowly becoming a trailer connoisseur. An Airstream would be dreamy but the price is pretty steep. It seems Shasta's are a cheap cool vintage trailer. So I'll take one of those please. If anyone wants to offer any help, expertise or advise. Bring it on baby!! I only have 5 short months to bring this dream to life!

Here are some cute pictures I've been saving....

So stinking cute!

And again so stinking cute.

(via A Style Blogger   A Musician Get Married {Real Wedding by Katherine O’Brien Photography} - Project Wedding Blog)
Yes! I'll marry you, but I'm keeping my trailer! Forever!!

(via Delightfully Tacky: Home Sweet Brave)
Wow this actually looks like I live there.

I soo have to figure out how to make the loft work!

(via Delightfully Tacky: Brave Sneak Peek!)
I'm in trailer love!

LOL couldn't resist.

I will have this sticker!

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