Thursday, September 20, 2012

The beginning... and the end...

Get Happy Challenge Day 3

...and to re-starting tomorrow...

Well today did not start well. It was over for me the minute I woke up. I did get up at 6:10 again. I still consider that an accomplishment. Still shooting for no snooze, straight up at 6am. I got Lily to school then came back and crawled in bed to feel sorry for myself. Then I somehow willed myself up and into the shower and off to work.

I bummed around work just trying to stay busy and distracted. By lunch I couldn't even decide what to eat. I went home and laid down. Then I realized I knew what I wanted to eat and my whole day turned around. Weird...

I decided I knew what I wanted at work and I was going to go for it. I want to make people happy and I want everybody to get excited about work again. I'm think I am going to try and focus all my energy there. I think I really do better when I focus on something that means something to me. So let that be my tip and goal for the day: Find something you care about, focus and make a difference.

Thoughts for the day:

"I'm sooo addicted to someecards!"

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I wish cake went straight to my boobs.

*What is the Get Happy Challenge? It is a totally made up challenge between me and my best-ie, Melissa, to motivate each other to get and be happier mommies by Xmas. Each day we will try our darn-est to post a tip, goal and thought of the day, and each night we will post how our day was. We will share ideas and words of encouragement along the way as our Xmas gift to each other. Feel free to join our challenge. The more the merrier =HAPPIER!
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