Monday, April 9, 2012

Sustainable and Recycled Furniture / Go Greener... Day 5

Day Five.... 
too many days behind in my blog-a-thon. Too much travel. See map above! Crazy weekend. Glad to be settling back in.

Today's blog is inspired by a visit with my closest friend. Her and her hubby both decided to try out a few business ideas. She started her own cookie delivery service and is making delicious cookies in unique flavors, one being candied bacon which we teased will taste similar to an McDonalds McGriddle sandwich:) I wish I had gotten to try them but I can vouch for the chocolate chip. They were yummy! And her logo is super cute too!!

And what a great idea to be able to have cookies delivered. Anything to help when scurrying around trying to get last minute party prep together or who doesn't love getting a special delivery at work. Great idea Mel and congrats mastering baking, something I have not yet done, and probably never will. Lol

Now, her hubby's biz is right up my alley. He's building furniture out of reclaimed wood. This is something that means a lot to me. Of course that's two things I am super passionate about: 
Furniture and Green Living via Reclaimed Goods

Now I have seen his furniture in person, sat at these tables for long nights of drinking beers and acting crazy and I haven't seen anyone fall off a stool yet. Lol. This is durable stuff! Well-made. And he's open to custom designs. 
A Texas flag can be seen as his staple. 

Hopefully in the future I will have him working on some custom designs for me. Maybe I'll design a whole line of reclaimed furniture built by The Woodsman :)

I'm down with furniture made from wooden pallets. See awesome ideas here. 

Matching Chairs, anyone?

I love this bed idea. If I wasn't totally attached to my sofa I would have this in my living room. OOh maybe I will make Kiddo a new bed.

OMG! Ran across this furniture line. Its a wholesaler but you can search out a retailer near you.  But I love, Love, LOVE this chair. 

Acacia Chair Tibetan Quilt

They have all these great pieces and meet all these certifications.

Here is a company I really like. 
RAD! that's the name LOL and it is pretty Rad!
I work with the owner's wife at TreeHouse. He has built some amazing things for TreeHouse that get complements daily. 

Here is a Facebook DIY-er that is selling items for a fantastic deal. 
Love this headboard style.

Ugh! I'm tired.. if you want more...
Here are some cool sites to check out for DIY projects and things sustainable.

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