Sunday, April 1, 2012

No More Paper Towels / Go Greener! Day 1

So as I said I'm going to try and post 30 ways to be greener or live better in 30 days. Starting with:
Paper Towels... Get rid of them. I did. It was sooo hard at first and I can admit sometimes still by habit I use them in public restrooms and well anywhere they are available and I have to keep reminding myself and coming up with solutions to avoid using them. And I have a secret to share... but first.
You are not awesome!
Did you know paper towels account for 3000 tons of waste in landfills daily?

And something like 51,000 trees a day are cut down to replace the amount of paper towels used.

Use your last one and just don't buy them again. You don't need them. Why not just use a wash cloth. I keep a basket of them, just rags. I can grab a new one any time. And you can buy cute ones from an Etsy shop and support and artist. Like these:
click here to buy
3 Piece Dish Towel/ Wash Cloth and Dish Scrubby Set - MADE TO ORDER
click here to buy
Cotton Dish Cloths in Autumn Fall Brown, Ecru, Tangerine
click here to buy, these might be my favs
Organic Cotton Dish Cloth- Set of 3 by Readfox
click here to buy
Fruit Salad -- Set of 3 Plush Terry Cloth Wash Towels
and OMG check these out, love it
CUSTOM ORDER - Reusable, Eco Friendly Snapping Paper Towel Set - NEW Design - Cotton and Terry Cloth
and my big secret is...
save any paper napkins from the fast food order,s you don't want to admit you sneaking. Use them for anything you really need paper for, like greasing you cake pan. I still haven't found a solution for that. And in most cases you can compost them. Oooh composting, were going to get into that one of these 30 days. I'm still learning :)

This company has a good thing going.
People Towels

Check out this website for more info:

I hope you will try to do your part.
And Arbor Day is this month. Plant a tree. Give back for all those nasty paper towels you've used :p

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