Thursday, July 21, 2011

Patience, wait, no, that's not it...

I was looking for a quote for patience, and although this is not exactly what I was aiming for, I thought it was funny, and so true!

"Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity."
-Sammy Davis, Jr.

Haven't you ever hung out with "some people" we won't name names, when you are the only sober one and thought, "Oh my god, I need to be drunk to stand these people".

And then I realized, patience is not really the word I was even looking for. I also realized, I don't always know where to put a comma, but I try, so don't make fun. So on to the real point of today's blog.

So my neighbor up stairs makes soooooo much noise. She stomps, and I mean stomps. I know you all can say, when you live on the first floor your gonna hear the person above, but this is crazy.

Oh, tolerance, that's my word, I think. So tolerance, I need more of that. I know those of you who really know me would agree. I am working on it.

"In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher."
-Dalai Lama

I like that.

So this girl upstairs....
she is a smallish girl. I mean as thin as I am, maybe thinner, but a bit taller. Ok, she is like a foot taller, anyways... She constantly stomps around that apartment, and it's not that big of an apartment. So stomp stomp stomp, back and forth, in a very small space.

Ok, so I thought of a way I can put you in the moment. First, I measured and from the furthest two points in this place you can only cover 20ft. Ok well my second test didn't go quite how I planned. I sat quietly and watched the clock for 1 minute and thought I could track how many times she went back and forth, but of course for that minute she had slowed down, but it was still 4 times. Not sure that helps at all.

She is up early, at like 7am... stomping. I am not sure she ever leaves, because I hear her at all different hours of the day. And then she's up late, I don't know like 2am, once I can even remember hearing her at 4am. And once in the middle of the night it sounded like she dropped a boulder... It woke both me and my daughter.

Everyone who comes over comments on it, so I know I am not crazy. What is she doing up there? What is she always so mad about? Does she ever sit down? Sleep? Does she have really big feet? Maybe she only wears Doc Martens, steel toe. Sometimes we sit down here and just make up silly scenarios of what she might be doing up there.

A good one was.... naked yoga .. but I don't think that would require alot of stomping, unless she keeps falling down. Maybe naked aerobics.

Let's see another was... she must play the Wii, like alot! No that wouldn't explain the back and forth.

Hmmmm... I really just don't get it, my best guess is she must be a compulsive cleaner. Poor girl, if only she knew, we just sit down here and talk about her. That I curse her and shake my fist at the ceiling, often. That her stomping is a sound so annoying, that I can't even block it out. Enough so, that I made it the focus of my blog today.

Have fun with this... tell me what scenario you would imagine...

Not sure of copyright laws,
so I am stating
" this picture is not mine".

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