Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun day at the store...

A couple of days a week, I work part-time at a local furniture boutique. I love getting to help people with their design projects, little or big. But I have to say, it's a lot more fun when you get the big ones.

Well the other day was one of those exciting days. A woman came in about, I don't know, 4-5 months pregnant, and was ready to start decorating her nursery. Now this is especially fun, and she's having twins, double fun! I love nurseries and kid's rooms. They allow you to be a little extra imaginative.

When she came in she already had a pretty good vision of what she wanted, she really just needed help finding the pieces and putting them together.

She had already purchased the cribs, and what fabulous cribs they are.

And she had in mind she needed a bookcase. She had seen a piece in the store, that she really liked but something was holding her back. It just wasn't quite right.

So that's where I got to really dive in. We did some digging through a few catalogs and found that there was another piece in the collection that was just right. YEAH!

It's so great. It carries on the metal features from the bed, but adds a mod industrial touch. This piece can grow with the twins, or she can move it into any other room. It's versatile, practical, and oh so cool!
So after the excitement of that find, we were on a roll. She needed a chest to double as changing table and an accent table next to her rocker.

She mentioned she had considered some antique pieces. We discussed how sometimes antiques have drawers that are hard to open, doors that maybe don't quite align anymore. They can be fabulous investments, and create quite a showcase, but maybe not for a nursery. With this information, I also knew an import piece was not the way to go. There can be lovely pieces in their collections, but they also don't have the modern mechanisms that make drawers slide easier, make them safer and just make life easier.

At this point I knew exactly what to show her. I knew of a furniture line that makes things that look very similar to the reclaimed wood and hand painted imports, we love so much, but with the modern mechanisms and sometimes a few extra bells and whistles; lighting, outlets, etc. They offer a variety of unique accent pieces and I knew she was sure to find somethings she would love. So after just a few minutes of looking, she fell in love immediately with a chest. There was no question it was the perfect piece. And conveniently enough right there on the same page was a adorable two-drawer side table, perfect! So here is what she picked.

I think it's going to be great!The pieces are all so random but in each there is some common element that when they are all together, they will create a room like none other. She could have picked everything straight from the Restoration Hardware catalog, or Pottery Barn and ended up with a room the mass population has copied. But this room will be special, something she created herself for her special little ones. And I know she will be so proud of her work.

 I suggested a warmer color on the walls to offset the cooler tones of the grays. And I think she's off to a great start. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.

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