Thursday, March 4, 2010

So let me introduce myself...

I am not a writer, I am a terrible typer and this is my first "real" attempt at blogging. So you ask why would I start a blog? I am in my late 20's. Wow 30 is just around the corner. And of course, I am still wondering "what am I going to be when I grow up". I started college early and was convinced I was going to be a therapist. I wanted to help people deal with their problems... because at nearly 18  years old I had it all figured out right. HAHA

After my first psychology class with the most monotone boring teacher I had ever had, I decided I wanted to be nothing like her. I believe she was drained of all emotion probably due to her profession. So moving on...

I decide to go to art school and study interior design. I spent lots of mula and am still paying, for a bunch of dead beat designers to teach me something that I am convinced you born with or not! Design came easy for me, I was raised by a mom who was a professional floral designer and habitual crafter. I designed and built my own Barbie house out of cardboard when I was about 10 years old. I even painted wallpaper inside. I made my own doll clothes and attempted my own clothing at times, never quite mastered that.

So lets skip to now. I am a "newly separated" mother of the most beautiful 3-year-old girl. By day I am a glorified shop girl/ personal assistant/ my self named, newest, favorite title "social networking marketer" . At least, I work for one of the most highly recommended furniture boutiques in town, have a very understanding and supportive boss. The money good and I get by and I can honestly say I like my job. By night I am MOM. I try to feed her food, she only wants candy. I try to give her a bath, she never wants to wash her face or hair. I try to get her to bed at a decent hour, she never wants to go to bed before me. But I need alone time, peace and quiet.

 So now I get my quiet time and I am here to vent life's everyday troubles and share with you my passion of design. I hope I can entertain "you" = my imaginary following for now.

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