Friday, March 12, 2010

One of my fav design must haves... The Garden Stool!

You see them everywhere now. Various shapes, sizes, designs, and prices.

The first one I feel in love with was of course an amazing antique garden stool in turquoise glaze. Who does not drool over the various shades of turquoise that appear to have been poured over this piece.

 I had the pleasure to become friends with... well, I will call him "E. Antiques Guru". He has shared a wealth of knowledge with me about many pieces I have been interested in. He taught me that the value of an antique increases by the story that lies behind it. Me, being new to the antiques world, may look at a pot and say" Now why is that dumb, old, cracked pot $900". Well surely E. Antiques Guru can tell you the story of how it was used, who made it, in what country it was made and now its a magnificent piece of art that I must have! Amazing, Huh! Or I am just an easy sell.

Per E. Antiques Guru, The above " a ceramic stool with a turquoise-colored Majolica glaze made by the Massier pottery in France in the late 19th c. The Massier firm worked in the Cote d'Azur area of France and is known today for having produced some of the best art pottery of the era. Most of their work is in museums and personal collections today. It is made in an Aesthetic Movement style inspired by Japanese and Chinese export wares that were then popular. Garden stools were bought for conservatories and used in drawing-rooms of the period. Many people in Britain and France, having lived in Colonial India or Africa, often had a room of the house that they decorated in an exotic, Eastern style."

Wow, doesn't the story really add value to the piece. Thanks, E.A.G... you know who you are, I look forward to more information you will share with me.

Majolica Turquoise-Glazed Garden Stool by Clement Massier available at Antique Swan in Austin, Texas.


You can easily find knock-offs available but no history behind them... Rope Garden Stool $550

You can tell it's just not quite the same, but hey not everyone can afford the real thing... that includes me!

The below stool is actually what inspired me to research garden stools. It an awesome mini version of the common turquoise stools above. You can find it at Back Home with a 2wist for a stellar price of only $99. And since I work there I get the pleasure of dreaming about it regularly it really is cool.

I don't know what it is i have always had a thing for collection mushrooms, that my have trickled down from my mom I am sure.

Bird Brain Mushroom Garden Stool $99.00 available at

Again with the turquoise, what can I say I love it! But my true favorite color is ORANGE, so here is my orange pick.

Orange w/ Dragon Motif Ceramic Garden Stool on sale for $173, wow.... even has some really interesting ones for the average consumer. Check this out for only $99

Now that's far-out!

If you love the reclaimed, recycled, petrified wood look, here is the stool for you. Again at for only $199

And of course with, you could go on and on and on.... and on.

Wow! Check this one out at only $59.99 at Not my favorite but that price is unbelievable.


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