Friday, May 14, 2010

"Momma Soup"

So my daughter has loved Ramen noodles since she could eat solid foods. So when she finally started talking and could request them herself, the name came out "Momma Soup".

"Ramen soup"... "Momma soup"... yeah I can hear it. It sounds similar, so of course I loved the name :) There is no such thing as "Daddy Soup".

So now for some reason, it' s all she will eat. Momma soup, Momma soup, Momma soup. Really kid you don't want to eat something differnt. I am sure there is nothing good in it for you. How can I justify feeding Ramen to my kid for dinner multiple nights a week?

So here are the nutrition facts for Ramen Soup from


85g. packageDaily Value
Fat 12g.18%
  Saturated 6g.30%
  Trans 0 g.0%
Cholesterol 0mg.0%
Sodium 1960mg.82%
Carbohydrate 54g.18%
Fibre 1g.4%
  + Sugars 6g. 
Protein 8g. 
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%

"What can we learn from these nutrition facts?
High in sodium:

First, ramen noodles are very high in sodium and that's pretty bad. Producers of almost all kind of food in North America now tend to put a lot of salt in their recipes, to make sure it's tasty and that consumers will buy the products. It sure might taste good, but our body don't react well to large income of sodium over a long period of time. So what is the solution? Well most of the salt in the noodle package comes from the soup base. Even if it taste good, we really recommand not to add that soup base to your noodles, instead, why not take a look in our recipes section, for healthier and delicious recipes!"

So why do I feed her Ramen noodles still? Well they are cheap, fast and I am a single working mom, who at the end of the day just gives in and is just happy she is eating.

"Momma soup", I hope she always calls it that even when its her staple food in college!

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